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Heal Your Broken Heart with Homeopathy

Judith Havas Homeopathy


Licensed by the London School of Classical Homeopathy, Registered MARH

Heal Your Broken Heart with Homeopathy

Are you struggling with heartache, longing for something more in your life?

I am here to help to create a bridge for you to manage your situation for a better future!

  • As an experienced homeopath I specialise in helping to recover after breakups, grief, introducing effective coping strategies through the use of homeopathy via a psychotherapeutic approach.
  • Breakups leave deep emotional scars, and with the help I am offering you will not just be looking forward to healing, but you will be unlocking a transformative journey towards newfound emotional strength and wholeness.

In the realm of heartbreak the pain goes way beyond the surface.

As heartache, grief affects not just your mental-emotional, but also your physical well-being.

  • A well chosen homeopathic remedy can immediately give you a boost, although depending on the depth your state the process may take variably longer.
  • The remedies address not just your symptoms but root cause of your emotional distress, providing a comprehensive and sustainable path to recovery.

Available both in person and online. I offer consultations in English, French and Hungarian.

Judith has transformed my life. She takes her calling very seriously and works hard to find the right remedy in every situation. I cannot recommend her too highly.

Prue Kensington

Heal Your Broken Heart with Homeopathy

Meet Judith


Heal Your Broken Heart with Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a process of natural healing always respecting the body’s own intelligence. 

If you think about it, the body is actually designed to heal itself. It has its own intelligence. Could we survive without such an ability?

The homeopathic way, is one of the natural ways that helps the organism, to align itself with its own repair mechanism.

To put it in another way, a well-chosen remedy informs the body in a format, it can understand.

Individual Approach

The fundamental difference between conventional medicine and homeopathy is, the first one treats the illness the other the individual.

Since we all react differently to given life situations and our individual needs vary, homeopathy meets your unique requirements.

I am, and have been helping people for years, including children and babies with a wide variety of health issues over the years, but I specialise in assisting patients with psychological problems. *

Joy of Homeopathy

I am often thinking how can anyone exist without it.

I never fail feeling excited when I see the relief the remedies can offer, when I see the amazing results, even in the tiniest baby.

Experiencing people’s energy shifting, positively turning around, and no heavy medication, IS SUCH A JOY TO ME.

* Please note I am not qualified to take on patients with psychotic complaints.

Judith has transformed my life. She takes her calling very seriously and works hard to find the right remedy in every situation. I cannot recommend her too highly.

Prue Kensington

Judith is extremely kind and caring, and makes you feel really comfortable in her presence. She is very experienced and knowledgeable, knowing the right questions to ask to really understand the causes for your emotional and physical problems.


If you need help dealing with your emotions, balancing your equilibrium or a physical concern, put your trust and faith in Judith and you’ll be on your journey to serenity. Good luck.


The role of homeopathy in Anxiety, Grief, Depression




Anxiety and ensuing stress inevitably impacts on our mental and physical existence. Prolonged anxiety, stress may manifest as depression “the common cold of mental health”.

The cause of depression is often obvious: a breakup, a divorce, a loss, bereavement. Sometimes depression just creeps up imperceptibly, so slowly we don’t even realise it is the cause of all our negative symptoms.


  • Grief is an unavoidable part of life, there is not formula how to deal with for shocking, life-changing situations. There are so many facets to grief from numbness to anger, loneliness, intense feelings of agony. So often we simply don’t know how to cope
  • My well selected homeopathic remedies chosen in a compassionate space, based on your very own characteristics will certainly ease your pain and go a long way to lift you out of darkness. The remedies are not addictive, and have no side effects.


Patients should be aware that their taking of medications, prescribed by their GP, is a matter of consultation between the patient and their GP. I will under no circumstances seek to instruct on this matter and whilst advice may be given in general terms, the varying of the medication prescribed by a Doctor should only be in consultation of that Doctor,


Judith Havas

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Judith Havas Homeopathy

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