Judith Havas – BSc (Hons)

Homeopathy for Women

Judith Havas

Homeopathy for women


Homeopathy & Mothers

Homeopathy, this gentle system of medicine, is ideal in pregnancy by stimulating the vitality of the pregnant woman. With homeopathic treatment the baby will automatically benefit as well. You are giving your baby the ideal conditions to thrive even before birth.

In childbirth the remedies are the birthing mother’s valuable support. And what mother would not want for their babies the most natural of cares?


Homeopathy & Children

There is so much homeopathy can do for children. It can help with all sorts of issues. Every child is special and has their own physical and emotional way of dealing with illness. This needs the knowledge of individual treatment specifically addressing your child’s needs which homeopathic treatment provides. Babies, children have high levels of vitality and respond quickly, sometimes instantaneously to a homeopathic remedy stimulus with excellent results.

I have seen miracles in my own family. Teething problems disappear, flu and colds resolve fast and the remedies are invaluable in first-aid situations. I would love you to experience the same results in your family and for yourself.


Homeopathy & Menopause

Menopause is the change of life that signals the end of your childbearing years. As oestrogen levels fall, many women experience symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, headaches, emotional moods and falling libido. The natural hormone balance is simply out of kilter.

Homeopathy is safe and effective, especially when used in conjunction with lifestyle and dietary changes, in the treatment of hot flushes, mood-swings, menopausal headaches and a host of other troublesome symptoms. Evidence has shown the benefit of homeopathy in this area.

Source: Relton C and Weatherley-Jones E. “Homeopathy service in a National Health Service community menopause clinic: audit of clinical outcomes” Journal of the British Menopause Society 2005 May


She is a great listener and is interested in a whole person rather one illness – something I can’t say about conventional doctors. I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable homeopath with years of experience.


I wanted to say thank you for your help with the remedy, I think it must have worked a miracle! The baby turned without any invasive intervention.


I’m having sessions with Judith to support me through menopause. Her deeply caring nature, and patient understanding is refreshing. The remedies are already helping.