What happens during the homeopathic consultation?

What Happens During a Homeopathic Consultation?


The First Consultation

During a comprehensive first consultation I will essentially listen to your concerns. While taking the case together we go into all the different aspects of your state of health, personality and life style. Every bit of information is relevant, the description of your complaint, emotional reactions, dreams and physical sensations are all equally important, as well as how you carry yourself and how you react to stress.

A homeopath often works like a detective, searching out information, asking questions, trying to find out where in the body the flow of energy has been blocked or hindered and then trying to piece together the results.  I might ask you to repeat yourself several times in order to understand what you are saying on several different levels. The better I understand your nature, the easier it will be to find the best possible treatment for you.


Follow Up Consultations

Follow up consultations are an essential part of the homoeopathic treatment process. During the follow up consultations spaced out according to your needs, two weekly, monthly, sometimes six weeks apart, I assess your reaction and progress to the given treatment and determine what additional methods or remedies you might require.

The number of times you need follow up consultations will depend on your condition and or how quickly you respond to the prescribed treatment. For minor complaints you may notice improvement within days or a week, then you might only need one follow up visit. A progressive treatment will take longer. Long standing conditions may only improve gradually. However, even after the first prescription, people generally experience a sense of increased well being.

Insurance Cover for Fees: A number of health insurance companies will fully or partially reimburse Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) member fees. Details can be found here.


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