Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy

Scientific Research:

“Randomised placebo-controlled trials of individualised homeopathic treatment: systematic review and meta-analysis”

BMJ: “Homoeopathic dilutions may be better than placebo”

“Why extreme dilutions reach non-zero asymptotes: a nanoparticulate hypothesis based on froth flotation.”
“…physicochemical studies of these solutions have unequivocally established the presence of the starting raw materials in nanoparticulate form even in these extreme (super-Avogadro, >10(23)) dilutions. In this article, we propose and validate a hypothesis to explain how nanoparticles are retained even at such enormous dilution levels.”

“Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective.”

“Randomized controlled pilot study to compare Homeopathy and Conventional therapy in Acute Otitis Media.”

Homeopathic treatment of acute otitis media in children: a preliminary randomized placebo-controlled trial.

“Homeopathic Individualized Q-Potencies versus Fluoxetine for Moderate to Severe Depression: Double-Blind, Randomized Non-Inferiority Trial”

Clinical trials of homoeopathy.

Influence of potassium dichromate on tracheal secretions in critically ill patients.

Homeopathy for childhood diarrhea: combined results and metaanalysis from three randomized, controlled clinical trials.

Improved clinical status in fibromyalgia patients treated with individualized homeopathic remedies versus placebo.

Homeopathy service in a National Health Service community menopause clinic: audit of clinical outcomes.

The Homeopathic Preparation Nervoheel N Can Offer an Alternative to Lorazepam Therapy for Mild Nervous Disorders

Beneficial immunomodulatory and neuro digestive effect in Trypanosoma cruzi infection after Lycopodium clavatum 13c treatment.

Management of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections by Different Medical Practices, Including Homeopathy, and Consumption of Antibiotics in Primary Care: The EPI3 Cohort Study in France 2007–2008

Treatment of Vertigo with a complex Homeopathic Remedy Compared with Usual Treatments

A Meta-Analysis of the Homeopathic Treatment of Pollinosis with Galphimia glauca


The Disinformation Campaign Against Homeopathy

World Health Organisation Recommendation to Integrate Homeopathy into Health Systems