Homeopathy and Coronavirus

Homeopathy and Coronavirus


Now in the present state of crisis, homeopathy really comes into its own. This is reflected in the unprecedented increase in the call for homeopathic remedies. Staff at homeopathic pharmacies here in the UK are working overtime to fulfill the sudden rise in demand.

The use of specific homeopathic remedies has historically been invaluable during epidemics, resulting in minimal casualties in comparison with other methods. See: https://www.organicconsumers.org/news/homeopathy-successfully-treated-flu-epidemic-1918

We are living through a quasi-psychological pandemic and the anxiety that it engenders in us, works against us. Not only can we not think clearly in an anxious state, but anxiety can stir up long forgotten deeper issues, further disturbing the organism. Also it is well known nowadays that when we are stressed the less our immune system is efficient. Fortunately, homeopathy goes a very long way to help to bring about the sorely-needed balance in the most natural way. There are remedies to strengthen the body’s capacity to fight viruses, there are remedies to help with grief and anxiety, and there are remedies that are specific to strengthening your particular case, so that symptoms are taken into account with your overall ‘picture’ as a human being.

I offer free 15 minute consultations and, now, the actual treatment sessions through Skype or phone, to ascertain what particular remedies you should take.

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BSc (Hons), Licensed by the London School of Classical Homeopathy, Registered MARH

I offer treatment for a variety of conditions including treatment for children and babies, grief, anxiety, depression and much more. I first started learning about homeopathy more than 35 years ago and I have practiced homeopathy in a professional capacity for around 17 years. I work with developed intuition and compassion, as well as my knowledge to bring a higher awareness to my work.





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