Homeopathy and Coronavirus

Homeopathy and Coronavirus

HOMEOPATHY AND CORONAVIRUS Now in the present state of crisis, homeopathy really comes into its own. This is reflected in the unprecedented increase in the call for homeopathic remedies. Staff at homeopathic pharmacies here in the UK are working overtime to fulfill the sudden rise 

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression: Is society being medicalized? What about the healthier homeopathic option? ‘Tens of thousands of children are being given antidepressants despite warnings that the pills may harm developing brains for little benefit,” we read in The Times, 21 July 2018, Saturday issue. What is the 

Help for Performance Anxiety

Help for Performance Anxiety

Help for Performance Anxiety or Stage Fright with Homeopathy.

“If human beings would learn from an early age not to care what other people say, we would all be a much happier bunch”.

Said Joseph Calleja the wonderful lyric tenor with a big voice and a big heart.

Indeed, if only!

On Stage Fright

One hears it is estimated that more than 50 per-cent of all musicians, singers suffer from some anxiety symptoms in concerts and rehearsals. Anxious, simply because they, want to do well, … front of a public.

This wanting to do well triggers stage fright, performance anxiety. It is a fear of being perceived in a bad light in front of others. Artists, politicians, scholars, businessmen, and all those who regularly come under the spotlight know this feeling very well.

Some anxiety is natural and can even increase the chance of an excellent performance. The adrenalin surge, this positive excitement, leads to an enhanced, tuned up emotional state. This is the desired for “good” stage fright that can actually enable an artist to produce the best possible performance.

Alas this is more often not the case, because when one is at the center of attention this increased adrenalin production can also produce the same ‘flight or fight’ reaction as when being under threat, or attack.

Results can be fast pulse and breathing, dry mouth or a ‘lump in the throat’, trembling hands or lips and voice, excessive perspiration, nausea and even reduction in sight at times.

Is it possible to overcome it?

As anxiety increases, the attention is focused on trying to overcome it. Now, a vicious circle begins, drawing energy away from the task at hand and then one may become even less capable of logical thinking, presence of mind or concentration. Trying to stop it is like preventing a pressure cooker release steam, which is obviously to be avoided. The symptoms cannot be mastered on the mental plane alone.

A challenge for the performing artist

Every one of us can experience these reflexes with variable intensity, but for a performing artist the consequences of the issue are way more severe. Facing the distressing symptoms of stage fright for a musician, or a singer, in fact anyone stepping on a stage is a serious challenge. All the while presenting a real threat to the clarity of any performance.

Don’t think veteran artists or musicians who have been playing with orchestras for over 20 years are immune either. Stage fright often does not just go away, it may rear its ugly head time and time again.

The jitters can happen when playing or singing, and the number of years as a professional does not necessarily mean reduction of performance anxiety. It is common knowledge that a certain world class pianist, after a 50-year brilliant career, is giving fewer and fewer concerts because of stage fright.

The worst case scenario is when an artist would rather withdraw altogether from giving performances, step down from the music profession than face debilitating stage fright.

The wretched jitters sometimes give the impression of being just the shadow of oneself. So, what is the poor musician, singer, artist to do? Take tranquilizers, then eventually find they are not able to do without them? Or imitate some performers who can’t go on stage without being stuffed with beta blockers?

Homeopathy to the rescue

Would it not be better to learn how to manage stressful situations? Easier said than done, but I would like to present homeopathy as a one of the methods of management.

Homeopathic remedies do not act as sedatives in a chemical way, suppressing anything within the body. Instead they stimulate the natural mechanisms of repair and build in resilience. A well selected remedy, reduces the distressing symptoms of performance anxiety simply by enhancing your ability to cope with it.

Some remedy suggestions

Let’s look at some of the remedies that may help. If you feel drained of courage literally frozen with fear, unable to concentrate, feeling lethargic, dull, trembling, and feel your legs would not carry you to the stage, you seize up both physically and mentally, then you will benefit from Gelsemium the classic stage fright remedy.

On the other hand if you are feeling restless, fidgety with anxiety, you tremble, your sense of time is distorted, your mind races with wild thoughts and you feel you must have something sugary, but are feeling nauseous and would stay as far as possible from the radiator, then Argentum Nitricum is the remedy you need.

If the anxiety suddenly appear out of nowhere with strong palpitations, you are very thirsty, full of forebodings, think you might die, in other words you are having a panic attack then reach out for Aconite a most marvelous aid in panicky states.

That famous ‘lump in the throat’ sensation, when a singer can only give much less during a performance than he/she knows she is capable of. Some old grief comes up at the same time you want to sigh and sigh, then the your remedy is Ignatia.

Having a small homeopathic kit is preferable than going through the unpleasant symptoms and at worst cancelling an engagements in the last minute because you feel you simply can’t go through with it.

Imagine, traditional prescribing is giving a tranquilizer for anxiety, whereas homeopathic prescribing is selecting the right remedy for the sufferer’s particular form of (stage) anxiety.

In depth homeopathic prescribing, matching the remedy to the symptoms is a more complicated process, which can only be established during the homeopathic consultation.

Do give homeopathy a try, to find your equilibrium, so your joy, your love of singing, making music can shine again.

BSc (Hons), Licensed by the London School of Classical Homeopathy, Registered MARH

I offer treatment for a variety of conditions including treatment for children and babies, grief, anxiety, depression and much more. I first started learning about homeopathy more than 35 years ago and I have practiced homeopathy in a professional capacity for around 17 years. I work with developed intuition and compassion, as well as my knowledge to bring a higher awareness to my work.

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Moderate your prescription meds

Moderate your prescription meds

A way to moderate the amount of your prescription meds intake.

It is a no brainer; we are all concerned about taking too many prescription medications.

“Get your pills from ‘Honest Pharmacy’ [this was a mock market stall]; we are selling our pills with side effects guaranteed”, came the shocking kick off intro in last year’s 2-part BBC documentary by Dr Chris van Tulleken. Yearly doctors in the UK hand out over a billion prescriptions meds. In the course of a lifetime a healthy person is estimated to consume over a staggering 100.000 pills. Of course, “some of these drugs do good, they save lives, make you feel better”, says Dr van Tulleken, “but they can all do harm. All of them”.

“Modern medicine has got to the point where we treat millions of people with drugs that science says (not only) don’t work very well (but) they do massive amounts of harm.” “Millions suffer from side effects and thousands die every year”, he continues.

The good doctor interviewed Sir Muir Gray, former chief of Clinical Knowledge Process and Safety for the NHS who says: “Overuse of medication is one of the most serious problems we face in the healthcare in every developed country.”

Dr Chris goes on to pointing the way towards drastic life style changes such as taking up vigorous exercising (all good advice), or cold water swimming instead of meds.

But what for instance if you are suffering from a long-term depression or some other ailment and do not fancy cold water swimming?

While rethinking medical approaches, how about including homeopathy in your healthcare strategy?

This method could be one of the extra tools that gives you the edge over having to rely on too many prescription medications.

Let’s run through what I am suggesting:
For starters, homeopathy offers individualised care–I mean several people suffering from the same condition may all get different kinds of remedies, as opposed to ‘one size fits all’ across the board.

A correct homeopathic prescription is always holistic. Imagine each one of us is an integrated whole, not just bits of tissue, organs, limbs requiring separate diagnostic categories.
The key point of homeopathy, is the treatment of the whole person not just the illness. Homeopathy does not only consider the condition but addresses the whole human being.
During a consultation, you are being carefully listened to and given plenty of time to explore your concerns before any remedy is selected specially for you. Homeopathic remedies, do not cause harm because instead of counteracting a condition, a well-chosen homeopathic remedy stimulates the body’s self-healing capacity by triggering a reaction.

Are homeopathic remedies simply placebos?

This has been often implied. If so, how come homeopathy is amply proven to work so well for the tiniest babies and animals, or can help to revive an unconscious person through administering a homeopathic first aid remedy?

No positive evidence in favour of homeopathy?

On the contrary high quality surveys had been conducted in several countries. There exists 300, human, animal plant and in vitro scientific studies to ‘attest the reality that there is an abundance of well-constructed objective evidence that confirms a positive effect from interventions using homeopathy’ [quoting Medhurst].

Robert Medhurst’s compilation of abstracts can be downloaded from here.

Do I hear someone saying some of these studies are not up to scratch?

Ok, then how about to juxtaposing that argument with The British Medical Journal Clinical Evidence’s findings on conventional medicine effects?

Their findings are as follows:

13% Beneficial *
23% Likely to be beneficial,
8% Tradeoff between benefits and harms
6% Unlikely to be beneficial
4% Likely to be ineffective or harmful
49% Unknown effectiveness

Source BMJ Clinical Evidence, page 2
The above data is by courtesy of Dr Brian Kaplan.

I hasten to add the obvious, that homeopathy is no substitute for conventional medicine, which does so much and it saves lives.

Personally, I would never ask anyone to stop their medication, and I doubt any responsible homeopathic practitioner would. That issue is between you and your doctor. (Interestingly French health professionals often co-prescribe homeopathy with conventional medication).

What is noteworthy here is that when you receive long-term homeopathic care it is possible to reduce or even eliminate your prescription medication intake. (This process I advise, should always be with the knowledge of your doctor).

According to the World Health Organization, homeopathic medicine is the most popular traditional complementary and alternative medicine, and the second most used medical system worldwide. I believe homeopathy was given to us “as a means of safeguarding people from enormous doses of poison.”

Would you be interested in strengthening your defenses and resilience rather than simply counter attacking your symptoms or blocking your pathophysiological processes? If so let me know, I am offering 15 minutes free consultations to discuss your concerns.

*The figure has gone down to 11% at last count



BSc (Hons), Licensed by the London School of Classical Homeopathy, Registered MARH

I offer treatment for a variety of conditions including treatment for children and babies, grief, anxiety, depression and much more. I first started learning about homeopathy more than 35 years ago and I have practiced homeopathy in a professional capacity for around 17 years. I work with developed intuition and compassion, as well as my knowledge to bring a higher awareness to my work.





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