Judith Havas BSc (Hons) Homeopathy Lic LCCH, Reg. MARH

I first became interested in homeopathy during a difficult pregnancy while trying to avoid conventional medications. During labour, unfortunately I was talked into regional anesthesia, which was not only partially effective, but stopped the labour process altogether that was progressing smoothly up until then. During the ensuing emergency, caesarean birth, I was so drugged up that to my great sorrow I was not able to see my baby only several hours after the birth. From then on I chose homeopathic help for me and my family, whenever possible.

I originally was trained as a psychotherapist, but my ongoing fascination with homeopathy eventually lead me to switch studies. Thus, I became one of the earliest groups to do a homeopathic BSc Honours course in the UK. Since then I have been in private practice as well as working in the voluntary sector.

Homeopathy is my passion and I maintain the continuum of professional development and research.

My deep empathy and compassionate understanding places me in an ideal position to offer homeopathy as a non-intrusive healthcare choice.

Although I have been helping patients with a variety of health issues, because of my psychotherapeutic background I specialise in assisting patients with psychological problems.* I also researched and produced a paper on the maternal stress factor and its impact on the feotus and its effect later in the life of the child from the homeopathic point of view.

I am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, and bound by its professional Code of Ethics and Practice.

I am trilingual, taking consultations in English, French and Hungarian. I offer my sessions either in person or through Skype. Please note all my sessions will be through Skype during the Coronavirus isolation.

 I am committed to help you regain the best level of health possible.

*Please note I am not qualified to take on patients with psychotic complaints